Great market. Very fresh produce. Helpful guys at the meat counter.  I have eaten at least thirty sandwiches here and all good (but I always request that they don't give me the last piece of bread in the loaf...at any deli).  Prepared food much better than Paradise. Killer mashed potatoes. Delicious chicken pot pie (when you want comfort food). And staff helpful and friendly enough ( I don't expect social hour at the registers). Let's hope they stay in business for a very long time....so convenient.
Oh, better sushi than WFoods. Fab roast beef in the deli-nice and rare.
— Becky B.
Great specialty food. Yummy dinners....great customer service, and keeping it local.
— Jo. B.
I have been so glad since Marinwood Market moved in! I've lived here most of my life, when I was a kid my friends and I would walk down to the Bell Market that was in the same spot to get snacks and meet with other kids. With such fond memories, I was so sad when the market was closed for such a long time. Marinwood is a very quiet and modest little town and it feel so good to have a place where I can see my neighbors and get my groceries.

I normally shop at natural food stores, but this sweet independent market is just a lovely bike ride from my house and has a decent organic produce section and has pretty much all of the other staples I get at whole foods or a co-op. Coconut water, tea, gluten-free foods, healthy tortilla chips, sprouted bread, tempeh, and more!

The staff are all so sweet! The guy at the produce is always willing to go out of his way to help, I feel like the guys at the check-out are my friends, and when I put some suggestion in the suggestion box a guy  (owner?) actually walked up to me the next time I was there and gave me an update on the things I had recommended! They make awesome pesto, salsa, and guacamole.

If I were to have a dream come true with this place, it would be that they get a real bulk section with organic flours, grains, etc. I understand that that is a super expensive investment and I would very well be the only one who used it :) so... for now I still go to health food stores, but I always buy what I can at marinwood.

Also, if you go on a saturday morning you will find the marinwood farmer's market, which is super quaint and lovely. I love to be able to get my farmer's market groceries and then go to the market for my other needs. I think it is so great that the grocery store allows this to happen and hasn't kicked the farmer's market out because of competition.

Go local! :)
—Yogamaya Tess T.
Almost nothing makes me happier than aimlessly walking through a market. However this one is like a second home to me. I love the convenient location,great parking,and of course the food. They have real coconuts for 2.58. I love their meats. They have great steak cuts I cannot find anywhere else. Their roasted chicken is very good,raw milk,they have these oatmeal cookies I have become addicted to. The stuff they make like ice cream,house roast beef,chia chips is really great. Customer service is fantastic. I know the prices are high but I want quality. Even the sushi was good. Very nice market.
— Jessica B.
GET THIS! Check the price on Antimo Caputo flour.  It's $4.99 at Whole Paycheck, $3.95 on Amazon when you buy 10 bags, and all of $2.99 at Marinwood Market. LOVE!!!

(back to original review)
This place has an amazing selection for its size and an incredible organic produce variety at farmer's market prices.  We moved to Lucas Valley last summer and I've been pleasantly surprised and delighted every time I come here--so it's about time I wrote this review.

They have organic manila mangos, mamey (in season), organic tomatoes and organic most everything.  This is now my go-to produce market whenever a farmer's market isn't open, or for the things that don't grow locally.

Example: Two days back I bought 2 organic manila mangos at Novato Whole Paycheck at $2 each.  The same ones, and larger to boot, are $1.19 each at Marinwood Market.  They are only 20 cents more than the non-organic variety.  Almost half of WP.  Save for the fact that my son and I inhale mangos like air, I would have returned the smaller pricier ones to Whole Paycheck.  :)

They had mamey (awesome exotic fruit from southern Mexico) a few weeks ago and I bought one and ripened it in a paper bag according to the instructions of the knowledgeable Mexican guy in the produce section.  It was fabulous.  It seemed pricey at first at $5 for a fruit the size of a small cantaloupe but that's a THIRD of what you can get a mamey for on Amazon...where a box of 3 fruits sells for $45!  And that's the only other place I could find one, period.

I love the sign on one of the aisles that reads "Asian, Ethnic, Mexican...British." That combination made me laugh out loud so I scanned the aisle to see what exotic British foods they might have.  On the far end after the Thai food, matzo balls, Mexican rice, Japanese things and various and sundry other cultural foods, I found that they carry Yorkshire Gold tea!  This is absolutely the best tea you can get in a bag.  I've only ever bought this online and had no idea any Americans had good enough sense to stock it in a store.  Huge points!

I was also shopping for Neapolitan pizza ingredients...you know, like Tony Tutto's that you made at home. Before I scanned the aisles I thought I might end up going back to Whole Paycheck. But, they surprised and delighted me again!  They carry Antimo Caputo 00 flour, cans of Italian tomatoes, and of course fresh basil, fresh mozz and plump organic tomatoes to make the real thing.  Of course I didn't need the tomatoes--it was my second trip over there that day and I'd gotten them at the farmer's market.

My son and I biked over and ate a the deli once, and it was sort of blah.  I wouldn't say the deli is my big destination there.  But that's not what I go for...I go for the usual staples and the sorts of exotic things mentioned above.

Now it's my go-to market for good.  I just have to make sure to check the milk supply before 7:30pm so I have time to bike over there before they close and don't end up going to Safeway in Terra Linda. Safeway is usually out of my brand and type of milk anyway.

This market is a treasure...so glad to have it in the neighborhood!
—Lisa L.
My favorite grocery store! I love this market. I get my produce here and meats, too are great!  I love that I have this market down the street from me. Staple items I usually get from Target/Costco but meats, fresh prepared foods and produce I get from here because the quality is good. They always have what I need in the organic selection, too. The staff are all so helpful and very friendly.
—Tiffany M.
This is a great market for quality items. It also has a great selection of pre-made meals and a deli. I love the chicken enchiladas. They also have a unique candy section which I love! It is too expensive for me to do my full shopping for my family but great to grab a few items and a meal. The employees are really nice too and it is never too crowded.
—Jessica B.
Great market close by!
Fresh produce, friendly and helpful attendants.
Love their meat department always has best
— Paz P.
Easter Sunday.  A day where I count my blessings.

Blessed with good health.  Blessed with good friends.  Blessed with a great family.

Then there's the fact that I am blessed with having Marinwood Market as an alternative, local option instead of having to go to Safeway in Terra Linda when I need to get my groceries.

Why is this place a blessing?  Do you remember what was here before?  A crusty, dusty Cala Foods that somehow held on for nearly three decades.  Those of us in Lucas Valley, Smith Ranch and Marinwood were begging for this place to be here.

Yeah, certain items like paper towels are priced higher than Target - so you don't get that here unless you really need it.  What you do get here are the deli sandwiches (never had a service problem here - and being in Marin I have gotten major 'tude from many different deli's even though I am the most easy-going customer around!).

Aisle #1 on the far left has tons of *real local beers and an awesome selection of home-cooked meals including sides like bacon mashed potatoes.  Yum.  They often have specials on juice (2 for 1 on cartons of OJ) and the produce section always has a guy that is stocking things, smiling and making sure you find what you want.

The checkers are often the same faces every time too.  Admittedly, I might be looking dumpy and just want to grab a bottle of beer from aisle #1.  A couple of them sometimes **seriously ask - "are you over 21?".  Haha - you just scored DOUBLE points because I am nearly DOUBLE that age.  LOL!

Tables inside and outside to enjoy your sandwich too.

They were open today, Easter, until 4pm.  I have been blessed yet again!
—Christian H.
Nice local market. Great beer, deli, gluten free options with local supplier options galore! It's way nicer to go here than the crowded Whole Foods or mainstream markets like Safeway. We've moved a good portion of our shopping to Marinwood Market.
— Steve M.
I love this little market.  Not really that little either because they have almost everything you'd ever need in a grocery store.  The fruit and veggies always seem super fresh and tasty too.  The customer service is great.  Everybody is  always very nice and very helpful if you need something.  We even asked the owner if he would add or special order an item and he did.  Being just down the street it's also very convenient to just stop in quickly and pick something up if we're in a hurry or forgot to buy it from one of the larger grocers (we do shop at other stores too).  The only reason I don't give this 5 stars is because of the deli. They are also friendly and have a decent selection and even offer grilled items plus fries and such.  So, what's the problem?   They just aren't that fast and the sandwiches are a bit spotty.  I've had good ones and I've had ok ones but never a great one.  The consistency is just not there.  Having said that.  I still get sandwiches here all the time because they are good (I just wish they were great).  All in all at least 4 stars for Marinwood Market.  Friendly staff.  Good selection.  Excellent customer service.
— Thadeus K.
I love this market! First off, I love the people who work there. They are genuinely friendly; smiling, they look you in the eye when they speak. (Not in a weird way. In a nice way!) They have a great selection of foods including imports, wine, beer and plenty of good organic food. I like that it is not a huge warehouse of food; but rather a well-organized market that you can peruse from one end to the other without feeling like you just hiked the Appalachian Trail! I find their music to be pleasant, upbeat rather than super-loud pop music that prevents thinking (yes, I'm talking to you, Safeway in Hamilton ... ). Thank you Marinwood for being a safe-haven where I can shop in peace.
— Emmanuelle R.
Welcome to the neighborhood, Marinwood Market!

After years as a derelict and abandoned store, this space has been cleaned up and modernized and finally has opened for business. It's certainly a sight for sore eyes.

They're just getting going but things look very good with a lot of quality products at what look to be good prices.

I'm sure that everyone in Marinwood is happy to see this store open. 
—Horace A.
I love this place because they have a great selection and it's never crazy busy. What I love most is their deli sandwiches! The Marinwood sandwich is my favorite. Turkey...Brie...and cranberry! Soo goood! They have quesadillas in their deli case that look amazing but I have yet to try them since I'm stuck on the sandwich kick. They also have sushi if yo
— Miss K.
Our favorite supermarket--so great to have such a nice neighborhood store. The produce is fantastic, as is the butchershop. Nice deli and very good selection for a small store. The prices are mostly competitive--high on some things, but overall decent for an independent store that's clean and pretty high-end. Checkers are nice.
We have been patrons of Marinwood Market from the day they opened and it remains our favorite grocery store. It is so much more than that though. We love the butcher, Jeff, whose displays are always mouthwatering and who always goes the extra mile for customers. The produce, likewise, is always fresh and the green grocers are always available when we have questions or need something special or out of the ordinary. The owners manage to stock just about everything we really need, from the elusive pink peppercorns we needed one day, to our everyday organic, steel cut oatmeal! This market is a neighborhood gem!
—Kim B.
Comparable pricing.
Excellent staff. Super helpful.
They carry local and organics.
They make prepared food. Their breakfast burritos are the BEST anywhere, huge and affordable - great for a bite before taking a road trip or a hike.
They keep the area around the market clean, which is important to keep the trash out of the waterways.
Excellent rarely busy Independent Market!
— S.M.
I will always give this place my business due to a constant of friendly staff, amazing deli sandwiches, feesh affordable produce and a great meat selection!
—Ali A.
Great market with excellent produce, a good selection of meat, poultry and seafood. If they don't have what you are looking for ask and they very well might stock it. Great British selection so there you go.

The deli is awesome as is the beer and wine selection.  Tons of vegetarian and vegan items pre-made and frozen

Living in Marinwood this place is convenient and I have friends that don't live here that prefer to come here for the great selection.

The people who work here and the owners are super helpful. Overall a great market
— Corey S.
Best gluten free sandwich in the area, perhaps in all of Northern Marin!!

I needed a quick bite before facilitating a training, and the bonus to the yummy and generous  sandwich is the diversity of the staff. Sweet surprise!

Price point was also perfect for my budget, I really appreciate that.

As I hope to bring more trainings to Marin in coming months, I'll definitely be back!
— Fresh E.